Its Flavour Is Not Very Hot 0-500 Scoville Units.

Since years, researchers have been investigating the use of stem cells in treating incurable diseases. Okinawa potatoes come with a low glycemic index. It also helps in maintaining proper eyesight. Then again, it also helps relieve hot flashes post menopause. Anthocyanins in purple sweet potatoes have memory-enhancing effects. The calorie intake for consuming 100 g of fresh leaves is just 25 calories. If the condition goes untreated, it could threaten your vision permanently. Most of the sugar present in red grapes gets converted into ethanol and carbon dioxide during fermentation; hence a very small amount of sugar is left in red wine. ♦ Compared to red wine, sugar content in white wine is high with a glass containing 1.4 mg sugar. ♦ When it comes to potassium content, white wine is second to red wine. Lutein is a chemical compound belonging to the class xanthophylls. The supplements are also necessary when the body is not able to absorb dietary zinc efficiently in required amounts or there is an increase in requirement which is not being met.

However, blurry vision in one eye often signifies this condition. It must be noted that zinc overdose for a prolonged period may lead to side effects such as problems of the immune system and prostate cancer. These fruits provide great benefits for the eyes due to their richness in vitamin C and lycopene. Its flavour is not very hot 0-500 Scoville units.

Age-related macular degeneration